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for a given model. Now that making new
models is so easy, it is harder to rely on
the community, and literature searches,
to understand each model in detail. Yet,
this information is still critical to design
optimal preclinical studies. Finding ways
to collect and disseminate the natural
history of these news models is one of
the new challenges; if it is not addressed,
drug developers may keep relying
on the best characterized, but older
generation models. We have to find ways
to characterize these new models; maybe
the documentation of the natural history
can be included in the grants supporting
their creation; alternatively, in some
cases, patient foundations are supporting
the collection of these natural histories,
knowing that this will lower the activation
barrier for industrials to work on a given
LEMIEUX: For our last question, what
are your thoughts regarding the potential
impact of the new neural models and
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services that are available from JAX on
the global scientific community?
FISHER: One thing that I think is really,
really important for a big mass facility
such as JAX or many of the others around
the world such as Harwell in the UK is
something Cat alluded to earlier, that
if you are studying a mouse model, it is
not good enough just to look at a single,
tiny aspect of phenotype because you
will miss so much more. And, the other
aspects of phenotype that you will miss
may be very important for modulating
One of the benefits of going to the
expert mouse modelers and the expert
mouse phenotypers is that you don't
get this very narrow view. One example
of this is that there is a type of spinal
muscular atrophy where having a liver
phenotype can be very detrimental, so it is
good to treat that liver phenotype.
But, if you just focus on the
neuromuscular aspects of that disease,

you would not have known about the liver
phenotype and you would not have treated
it. That is one example where having real
expert phenotypers, broad phenotyping
across all systems and biology, not
just the central nervous system or the
peripheral nervous system or muscle,
gives us much, much greater insights into
You can only do that where you have
experts gathered, giving a big critical
mass where people can talk to one
another, and they really know the
inside-out of clinical and nonclinical
phenotypes in the mouse models. And I
think that is where - that is an absolutely
world-class value that JAX gives as do the
other major mouse establishments such
as Harwell and many other big mouse
establishments globally. Where JAX also
wins, probably more than the rest of us,
is that it is such a large repository of all
the different strains available as well. We
badly need those.


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