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painters are trained by those that are in the
shop. Therefore, if you are at a facility, what
your capabilities are and what you've been
trained on, could be inconsistent. SherwinWilliam offers training, but we do it onsite.
When we come out to the shop, we can
adapt processes or try to optimize things
for each customer's particular situation.
Your booth is different than someone else's
booth, and your skill level is different than
someone else's skill level. So, we try to figure
out how to optimize it for your situation.
Everyone has different size planes, different
models, different cleaning processes.

Voisin: One of the products that we're real
excited about, which we launched in the last
year, is our JetPen product. It's a touch-up
pen that's available in a variety of systems
and colors. It has multiple uses. It can be
used at the maintenance facility when
doing some quick touch ups, but also can

be used at the customer site later. Maybe the
customer has a ding or a scratch and just
wants to do some quick fill-in with product.
It's super simple, even I can do it.
AMT: More than 40% of our survey takers said that they have been impacted

AMT: Surprisingly, the survey found
that price was not one of the top five factors when considering a paint supplier.
Durability and ease-of-use were the top
two. Why are key points like durability
and ease of use so important to users?

" We ended up adding a
white shadow to their
registration number and
you wouldn't believe it,
but just that small change
to them made a world of
difference. "
-Emilie Harbour, lead designer,
paint and interiors,
West Star Aviation
Voisin: You have to keep in mind that the
cost of the paint isn't as critical as the labor
put in. Getting something on there efficiently and having it last benefits them much
more than the actual can of paint. That is
why price is important, but not as critical;
because being assured that their customer
has a lasting appearance and being able to
do it in an efficient way is where the benefit
comes from.
AMT: What new offerings does SherwinWilliams have and what are you working
on for the future?



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